Monday, 31 October 2016

Sally Face Episode 1 Letsplay Part 2 (that marvelous ending just got me!!)

Hi guys!
So I made the second part of this game!
It was trully a great experience and I'm really looking forward to more episodes!

Who is the real murderer here?

Thanks for watching

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Undertale Customs Letsplay Part 1 (I must cram the strategy!!)

Hi guys!
Little surprise letsplay here =)
I love Undertale even I haven't play it, which is sad because I spoiled it for myself, but maybe in the future.. So I was trying to find some fangames because there is a lot of them and this one is first I tried to play. I hope that the author/developer finish this little fangame because it has really huge potential. Original characters, great humor and I can't wait for the possible story mode (there must be story mode soon!!).
Also if you knew about some really great fangame post about it to me I would be really interested to play it =)

Thanks for watching!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Cute horror arrives! Pocket Mirror Letsplay Part 1

Hi guys!
This game definately fits Halloween theme! And it's very very cute!
Also yes still that sound problem, gah...

Watch a girl without memories unveil her own past!

Thanks for watching =)

Finally out!! Sally Face Episode 1 Letsplay Part 1

Hi guys!
So my first (restarting channel) letsplay video is done!
It was kind of problematic because I was used to the very old other maker of videos and it was way more easier with it than with one I have now. But learning new things is useful =)
Also I had big problem with a sound. I was still wondering why the final version is always locked only on one side of headphones? Why??? Well I figured it soon, because my setting of voice/sound recorder was somehow set back to mono instead of stereo, so yeah my other following letsplays (four or five of them) would be with this bad sound too because I recorded it in one day. Meh...
So if you are a hedphones user I'm trully sorry, endure my tiny mistakes, I'm new to this kind of things =)

Sally Face is boy with blue pigtails and mask on his face, who moved with his father to a new appartment where mysterious things happens.

Thanks for the watching

Friday, 21 October 2016

Old letsplays

Hi guys,
I'm going to post here some old letsplays I've released at the start of this year when I still had my old laptop.

Pokémon Sapphire


I will continue with this game even it would be little complicated because I've lost a bit of my progress so I need to re-do some things. But so far I love it, can't wait for more Pokémon games. 

I don't even know

This short game is crazy and I don't even know what is it about XD


Interesting short RPG Maker game about apocalypse


Kind of horrorish little RPG Maker game about Little Red Riding Hood

So I still need to continue with Pokémon game and post the second part of Akazukin. But Halloween is soon so I wait a bit for restart of the channel =)

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sally Face - Strange Neighbors (episode one)

Made by: Portable Moose (indie)
Tags: adventure,  horrorish, story-based, supernatural, mystery
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Short indie game with very mysterious story. We are playing as a Sally, boy with a blue pigtails and prostetics on his face. Apparently some horrible accident happened in the past so he and his father moved to a new place to start fresh.
I must say that I trully loved this game. The art is handmade and goes well with theme of the game. It looks nice but creepy. And there is really nice amount of details you just want to look at.
Soundtrack is just awesome!
Story is really well-written. It's intriguing, creepy, mysterious and very interesting. While playing it, questions just didn't stop to pop up in my head. What happened to Sally's face, to his mother? Who is the murder? What Larry did in the past? Who is that ghost girl? Was that demon in that kitchen? It just pick your interest and you trully want to know more, you want to reveal the truth. Is it real or it just all happened in Sally's head? Also I love how the story is told by older Sally and the fact it jumps between the past and present a bit.
Characters have interesting traits too, they feel very realistic and all of them are soo mysterious. Sally, despite the look, is very nice boy who doesn't hesitate to help. Larry has rebelious heart but seems to be kind of nice too. We encounter some not very nice people and some very weird people. Well I guess the name of the chapter just speaks for itself.
And the ending? Holly molly! More questions and more mysteries! There is nothing better than a proper plot twist in the end!
For an indie game it's really a masterpiece, of course there are some bugs but it's not anything horrendously bad (just went stuck in the elevator and crushed a game XD), the fact that I can't wait for a more is enough.

Rating: 9/10 (I would give it 10/10 but I'm waiting for next episodes)

Sunday, 16 October 2016

First one here

Hi there,
here I would be posting news on my channel, any new videos, letsplays or reviews I would made here.
Also my ideas or thoughts on games I played or would be playing, so you should be awaiting spoilers (huge spoilers).
If you have ideas on games you can share your thoughts, no problem with that, recommendations too

I'm going to make letsplay of F.E.A.R. 3, I guess it would be fun because I haven't played anything bigger than RPG maker games or Gameboy games like for more than six years. FPS even like ten years ago. Well I've already played a bit but on noob difficulty, and I died a lot before I realised I need to push shift for running XD
My skills are horribly rusty...
Also some multiplayer might be fun

Also planning Pokémon GameBoy Games, definately Sapphire version (I've already posted some hour and half of letsplay but accidentaly deleted my progress so I'm going to try it again) and maybe some challenge? Like Bird Trainer Challenge?
Yours N-chan

Friday, 14 October 2016



My personal reviews for games I've played 























Sally Face








My Games

Here you can find all my games for letsplays

Any recommendations are welcomed


Afterfall: Insanity

Alice Mare (RPG Maker Game) - in progress

Archibald's Adventure - coming soon

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Origins

Blameless - coming soon


Brány Skeldalu

Dead Effect



Don't Starve

Doorways: Old Prototype

FEAR 3 - coming soon

Fire Emblem (GameBoy Game)

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones (GameBoy Game)

Gone Home

Ib (RPG Maker Game)

Injustuce: Gods Among Us

King's Bounty

Life is Strange

Mad Father (RPG Maker Game)


Mura Oni (RPG Maker Game)

Pocket Mirror (RPG Maker Game) - in progress

Pokemon Sapphire (GameBoy Game) - in progress

Prom Dreams (RPG Maker Game)

Sally Face - done


State of Decay 

The Banner Saga

Toby: The Secret Mine

Trick & Treat (RPG Maker Game)