Sunday, 16 October 2016

First one here

Hi there,
here I would be posting news on my channel, any new videos, letsplays or reviews I would made here.
Also my ideas or thoughts on games I played or would be playing, so you should be awaiting spoilers (huge spoilers).
If you have ideas on games you can share your thoughts, no problem with that, recommendations too

I'm going to make letsplay of F.E.A.R. 3, I guess it would be fun because I haven't played anything bigger than RPG maker games or Gameboy games like for more than six years. FPS even like ten years ago. Well I've already played a bit but on noob difficulty, and I died a lot before I realised I need to push shift for running XD
My skills are horribly rusty...
Also some multiplayer might be fun

Also planning Pokémon GameBoy Games, definately Sapphire version (I've already posted some hour and half of letsplay but accidentaly deleted my progress so I'm going to try it again) and maybe some challenge? Like Bird Trainer Challenge?
Yours N-chan

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