Friday, 28 October 2016

Finally out!! Sally Face Episode 1 Letsplay Part 1

Hi guys!
So my first (restarting channel) letsplay video is done!
It was kind of problematic because I was used to the very old other maker of videos and it was way more easier with it than with one I have now. But learning new things is useful =)
Also I had big problem with a sound. I was still wondering why the final version is always locked only on one side of headphones? Why??? Well I figured it soon, because my setting of voice/sound recorder was somehow set back to mono instead of stereo, so yeah my other following letsplays (four or five of them) would be with this bad sound too because I recorded it in one day. Meh...
So if you are a hedphones user I'm trully sorry, endure my tiny mistakes, I'm new to this kind of things =)

Sally Face is boy with blue pigtails and mask on his face, who moved with his father to a new appartment where mysterious things happens.

Thanks for the watching

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