Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sally Face - Strange Neighbors (episode one)

Made by: Portable Moose (indie)
Tags: adventure,  horrorish, story-based, supernatural, mystery
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Short indie game with very mysterious story. We are playing as a Sally, boy with a blue pigtails and prostetics on his face. Apparently some horrible accident happened in the past so he and his father moved to a new place to start fresh.
I must say that I trully loved this game. The art is handmade and goes well with theme of the game. It looks nice but creepy. And there is really nice amount of details you just want to look at.
Soundtrack is just awesome!
Story is really well-written. It's intriguing, creepy, mysterious and very interesting. While playing it, questions just didn't stop to pop up in my head. What happened to Sally's face, to his mother? Who is the murder? What Larry did in the past? Who is that ghost girl? Was that demon in that kitchen? It just pick your interest and you trully want to know more, you want to reveal the truth. Is it real or it just all happened in Sally's head? Also I love how the story is told by older Sally and the fact it jumps between the past and present a bit.
Characters have interesting traits too, they feel very realistic and all of them are soo mysterious. Sally, despite the look, is very nice boy who doesn't hesitate to help. Larry has rebelious heart but seems to be kind of nice too. We encounter some not very nice people and some very weird people. Well I guess the name of the chapter just speaks for itself.
And the ending? Holly molly! More questions and more mysteries! There is nothing better than a proper plot twist in the end!
For an indie game it's really a masterpiece, of course there are some bugs but it's not anything horrendously bad (just went stuck in the elevator and crushed a game XD), the fact that I can't wait for a more is enough.

Rating: 9/10 (I would give it 10/10 but I'm waiting for next episodes)

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